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Welcome to THE KATHY GREENWOOD ZONE, your number one online source for all things Kathy Greenwood. Kathryn Greenwood once described herself to a reporter as being "skinny and goofy"; the funny, talented, and beautiful blonde Canadian actress/comedienne/improviser/writer/voice actress/stage performer is perhaps best known for her regular appearances on the American version of the improv showcase Who's Line Is It Anyway?, other notable appearances such as the long-running Canadian sketch-comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and being a part of the ever-popular all-female sketch troupe Women Fully Clothed. We realize there isn't a lot about Kathy on the internet, that's why we hope that THE KATHY GREENWOOD ZONE will the be the ONLY place you'll have to turn to, as we have all the accurate, and up-to-date information you'll want to read about regarding Kathy and her work in television, film, and theater - just check the menu at the top of each page; and for much more, be sure to check out the message forum, where you can share your thoughts about Kathy and her work with fellow fans. Be sure you check back with us regularly, as we try to make sure this website is updated as frequently as possible.

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This is an unofficial site, and is NOT maintained by Kathy Greenwood, nor anyone directly associated, or affiliated with her; but rather, by people who enjoy her and her work. The main purpose of this website is to keep her fans informed on all she has done in the past, what she's working on at the moment, and what she will be working on in the future.

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