November 22, 2016 - RANDOM UPDATES
We have some good news, and some bad news. First, the bad news: it turns out that our second-in-command, 12Medbe, has had his YouTube channel nuked for copyright, so the link to his channel on the media page has been removed. Tis a shame, considering he had a vast collection of WHOSE LINE? clips - especially clips featuring Kathy.

The good news, however, is that Kathy has appeared in a new indie movie called UNLESS, based on Carol Shields's novel of the same name. Presently, the film has yet to be released outside Canadian film festivals, and there is little information about the film, but from what I understand, Kathy was pleased to be a part of the production; which brings me to another piece of random news:

Kathy's on Twitter! I was surprised to find out about this, but it's true, Kathy recently joined Twitter, so why not follow her?



April 8, 2016 - KGZ RELAUNCHED!
Greetings, Greenwood Gang!
Wow. It has been forever since I last updated this site . . . in fact, looking back, I see the last time I updated this site was three years ago. That's a little unacceptable - after all, KGZ is, was, and remains the most informative Kathy Greenwood fansite on the web, and it's the responsibility of this webmaster to ensure that it stays that way. So, why haven't I updated KGZ in three years? I don't know; laziness, perhaps? In all honesty, KGZ kept dropping lower and lower on my priority list that it had all but disappeared from my mind entirely. Not only that, but it didn't seem like that Kathy herself was up to much in recent years, but evidently, I'm wrong - she's remained as busy as ever - so that has prompted me to get back to keeping this site up to date again.
For starters, I realized that although I loved the site's previous theme and layout, it made the entire site look terribly dated . . . and, in fact, it was. As you can see, KGZ now features a slick new layout, inspired by late night comedy shows, which is very appropofor Canada's queen of comedy! If you've been a frequent and/or longtime visitor to KGZ, you may notice it resembles the site's fifth-anniversary theme: it's essentially the same, just a different color scheme, and a snazzier new logo. Not only that, but with this simpler layout, it makes updates to the site much more of a breeze, which is also a big plus. I've also spent a great deal of time consolidating the various different pages this site hosted down into four main sections, and each of them are pretty self-explanatory: HOME is the main page for this site - it's where you'll read about news and updates pertaining to Kathy's career and activities, and the site in general; KATHY details her career in terms of biography and filmography; MEDIA is where you'll find our photo galleries, as well as links to other forms of media, including articles, interviews, videos, and other related items; finally, CONTACT is where you'll find contact information - either if you want to send Kathy fanmail, or contact the site adminstrator for inquiries.
Now, for an overview of the specific updates: I've added quite a number of roles and appearances to to the filmography (including her most recent appearance in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2)! There are also a ton of new images that I've added to the galleries! And, we now have a new video section with links to all kinds of videos you can watch online! As I said, I'm going to try to get back on track with the site, and make sure I keep the Greenwood Gang up to date on Kathy's activity. So, hope you enjoy the relaunched KGZ!
~ KGZ Webmaster

November 20, 2013 - KATHY AND COLIN AT OPMA
Colin Mochrie and Kathy Greenwood recently headlined the Ontario Produce Marketing Association's (OPMA) annual gala ball.
A gallery of event photos can be found here.

August 30, 2013 - KATHY FULLY CLOTHED
I found this really great little interview with Kathy from the Pembroke Daily Observer, she shares a lot of interesting details and backstories of her various different career choices, including her work on stage with Second City and Women Fully Clothed, as well as her television work such as WIND AT MY BACK and WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?
Definitely worth a read, so go check it out why don't ya?

That's right, no joking this time.
Please read this thread for further details.

February 20, 2013 - IN NEED OF NEW GALLERY
Recently, Photobucket screwed us all over by overhauling and redesigning its entire site, JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE INTERNET HAS BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME *coughcough*... at any rate, the new layout for Photobucket is just awful, and one of the downfalls of the new site is that you can no longer customize your albums. I had registered an account strictly for use of a gallery for KGZ, and I had customized the albums under that account to match the rest of the site... now with the new Photobucket, the customizations and modifications are gone, and now we're left with this really plain, ugly, and generic-looking photo sharing website.
Because of this, I'm going to look into possibly migrating our galleries to a new host (it'd be nice if Webs offered something). When that happens, I will post updates accordingly.
And remember, like I said earlier, everyone else may change, but KGZ isn't changing unless you want it to.
And I've also made it a note to tweak the filmography section a bit, considering, I've learned of new appearances that Kathy has made on programming in the past that are not listed on our filmography at this time.

March 31, 2012 - MAJOR UPDATES
I was out of action for much of the previous week, so I'm a little late on these major updates... bare with me here, as I go over the following newsworthy items...
First of all, if you weren't already aware, this past Tuesday marked KGZ's seventh anniversary, and I'm kind of surprised it's still been around after this long... I guess I'm a little sentimental about it, despite not really having much to do with it anymore; of course, at the same time, it's still really the only informative Kathy Greenwood website on the internet, even if I may not update is as regularly as I used to, I still have a responsibility to at least keep it alive for people to see.
Nextly, it would seem that Kathy's been a little busier than I realized as of late. After looking over a few online sources, such as IMDb, I see Kathy's been involved in a few minor projects, including appearing in a new TV movie on Disney Channel back in January entitled Frenemies; I don't watch Disney Channel anymore, and was not aware of this movie, let alone Kathy having a minor role in it, so I don't really know much about it (though it sounds like another tired tween movie about "losers" seeking revenge on cliques and such), but this, and other credits have been added to the Filmography section, so be sure to check that out.
Also, check the Galleries/Press section for a new and informative interview with Kathy posted on the official Wind at My Back website.
Lastly, I have some really interesting news: as most you know, Klub Kathy had pretty much been closed for business for over a year, mainly because the forum service was pretty much on it's last legs, and the service owner had been missing in action for years. I was actually in the process of shutting down Klub Kathy entirely within the next bout of time (days, weeks, months), since it didn't seem like the owner was ever going to return, and the SuddenLaunch domain was said to expire in 2013 anyway, so there was really no point in keeping the Klub open any longer.
Well, if you can believe it, the owner has actually returned this year, and is in the process of restoring the servers the forums are hosted on, so hopefully, if all goes well, I won't have to shut down Klub Kathy after all, and hopefully, all the bugs and glitches that have surfaced in these past couple of years can be fixed.
For old time sake, I was working on a visual timeline for Klub Kathy for people to take a peak at, much like I did with KGZ previously; in fact, below is the logo from the very first, original message forum from back in 2005:

The first logo from the original message forum.
Much like KGZ, our message forum has gone through it's share of evolution over the years before it became what it is now, and below is the visual timeline in which you can see the evolution for yourself (note: the Wayback Machine wasn't able to recreate the archives entirely since some of the source graphics no longer exist, which is odd considering it didn't have any problem recreating any of the KGZ archives).
Image Not Available   

The Kathy Greenwood Board (June 2005-May 2006)

The Kathy Greenwood Board, later renamed The Dancing Goat Farm (June 2006-Summer 2007)

Klub Kathy (Summer 2007-Summer 2009)

Klub Kathy (Summer 2009-Present)

Original forum had a modified vBulletin color scheme featuring purples and grays.

Forum switched to default phpBB subSilver skin.

Switched to phpBB's SWFBlue skin for a "greener" look

Completely customized skin to match KGZ's green layout


I'm sure a lot of you, like myself, find it hard to believe that Kathy has reached a milestone by turning 50-years-young today! It certainly is nice to know that the times are being kind to her; all these years of laughter sure have paid off.
KGZ is honored to wish this wonderful young lady a very happy birthday today, and we do hope she continues to provide us with laughter for many, many more years to come!

December 28, 2011 - NEW PHOTOS
I stumbled onto a small handful of really excellent new and recent photos of Kathy, and added them to the publicity section of our KGZ photo gallery; just click the header that reads "Galleries/Press", or click the thumbnail below to see them.

It would appear that Sudden Launch's support forum has been erased of just about everything: posts, threads, members, staff, etc, so with nothing more to look forward to, I guess this would mean Klub Kathy is now closed permanently, unless it's moved to another server, which I don't believe is really worth it, since the entire site in general isn't much of a priority anymore.

March 27, 2011 - KGZ TURNS SIX
It's that time of year again: where I basically announce that today is KGZ's anniversary; while this isn't quite a big deal anymore, this year is just a little special, considering that today is Sunday, March 27... KGZ's debut may have been six years ago, but it was six years ago when it was Sunday, March 27. In a way, today brings back memories of when KGZ was first launched, and was pretty much nothing, but over the years, it's grown into quite the something... be sure to revisit our "timeline" below to see how much we've evolved over the years.

KGZ v1.1

KGZ v1.2

KGZ v2.1

KGZ v2.2

KGZ v3.2

March 2005 - May 2005

May 2005 - March 2006

March 2006 - November 2006

November 2006 - June 2007

March 2008 - October 2008






KGZ v4.0
March 2010 only
5th anniversary layout
Yep, it's that time of year again.
Happy birthday, Kathy!
That's all I have to say.

MARCH 17, 2011 - 100 HOT CANADIANS
This isn't exactly newsworthy, but I thought this was kind of interesting nonetheless.
IMDb has a list of the top 100 hottest Canadian actresses, comediennes, singers, etc, and guess who's on that list? Yep, our beloved Kathy Greenwood. How did she rank? Check out the list and find out for yourself, as well as base your own opinions on the list... personally, I don't see how Rachel McAdams ranked so high on the list... but, to each their own, I guess.

This was actually quite a surprise that I have just discovered.
For those of you in the U.S. who have digital cable, satellite dish, or other such providers, and get the new INSP (Inspiration Network), you'll want to check the channel's schedule everyday at 12m-1am, 2-3pm, and 5-6pm, as they are currently airing the Canadian family drama Wind at My Back... which we all know featured Kathy Greenwood as the junior journalist of New Bedford, Ontario - Grace Bailey.
I'm unsure how long this will last, it seems like just about every cable network these days has a love/hate thing going on with the shows they play; but in the meantime, I say us U.S. Kathy fans, who have been wanting to see this series for a while should check it out while we can.
Click image to see more information on this channel, and to check schedules and local listings.

OCTOBER 1, 2010 - 2013

So... you really think the world is coming to an end in 2012? Well, try 2013 instead...

Okay, maybe not the world perhaps, but there is a strong possibility that Klub Kathy will be completely gone by January 2013, and here is why...

To add to the current snafu involving the owner of Sudden Launch (the forum's host) having dropped off the face of the earth with no trace of him, resulting in a lot of Sudden Launch forums going awry (including Klub Kathy), it turns out that the Sudden Launch domain (, and related) are said to expire January 2013; this, in turn, means that if the owner still doesn't return to renew the domain before then, then all Sudden Launch forums will no longer be able to be accessed, and when that happens, they're gone. Gone, gone, gone. And this, does include Klub Kathy.

Of course, 2013 is still a ways off yet, and you never know what can happen between now and then, but until then, although Klub Kathy is closed "until further notice", it may look as if it'll never reopen ever again.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, the Klub Kathy Forum is closed until further notice.

Please note that this has nothing to do with lack of member activity, but rather due to an increasing amount of server-side issues that can't seem to be resolved since the forum host has been MIA for quite some time now; these issues including forum features no longer working properly (including e-mails sent to members) and an increasing amount downtime that can happen for days at a time.

For further questions or inquiries, you can still reach me at KGZWebmaster at yahoo dot com.


Yeah, that's right, Klub Kathy is five years old today. Well, not "Klub Kathy", but the forum itself is five years old today - in the past five years, it's gone through at least three major layout/theme changes, and about the same number of names (going from The Kathy Greenwood Board, to The Dancing Goat Farm, to our current Klub Kathy).

We realize that hardly anybody gives a care, as the forum's been deader than a doornail for over a year now, but just in case you feel like celebrating, then why not stop by if you haven't visited the forum in a while?

One thing that's really annoying about the internet is that you can never get used to a website's layout, and when it comes to websites, so many different sites have changed their layouts this past year, and all for no reason whatsoever; nobody ever wants these layout changes, but the owners and operators of these sites don't listen to them. In this past year, here's a list of websites that fixed themselves when they weren't even broken (just to name a few):, deviantART (twice), eBay, Google,, IMDb, Jump the Shark (was completely bought-out by TV Guide), Metacafe, MySpace (several times), MSNPhotobucket, RyanStiles.Net, TVShowsonDVD, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, YouTube (several several SEVERAL times).

This site used to have a layout problem, but ever since the overhaul of the summer of 2007, the layout has received nothing but compliments, and as such, unlike every other website on the internet, we're NOT about to change the layout anytime soon... UNLESS you genuinely want us to. These sites' layouts were changed against the users' wills, which is why this site will not change its layout unless you really want it to; that's not to say we're going to change the layout, but if you do happen to have any ideas of what kind of layout for this site you think would better suit it, feel free to e-mail me and let me know what your ideas are... otherwise, we'll still be here, just like you remember us, just like you love us.

March 27, 2010 - 5 YEARS OF KGZ
It's kind of hard for me to remember that five years ago, having been disappointed by the lack of decent information regarding who was quickly becoming a favorite performer of mine (well, there WAS IMDb and the UNofficial kathryn greenwood, but even that provided lackluster results) I took upon myself to try and create my own Kathy Greenwood fansite... at the same time, five years ago, it was probably hard for me to imagine that what was originally designed to be a simple fansite would eventually grow into a Kathy Greenwood web database; and in these past five years, no other site has increased Kathy fan knowledge, nor decreased web traffic at the same time quite like KGZ.
On top of that, KGZ has evolved a lot since that painfully simplistic fansite that debuted to the web on March 27, 2005, going through at least three different layout changes, and two URLs; here's a look at KGZ's visual timeline and evolution... see if any of you long timers can recognize any of these previous layouts, just click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

KGZ v1.1

KGZ v1.2

KGZ v2.1

KGZ v2.2

KGZ v3.2

March 2005 - May 2005

May 2005 - March 2006

March 2006 - November 2006

November 2006 - June 2007

March 2008 - October 2008

The site was originally predesigned in Microsoft Word, saving the file as .htm

Was planned since beginning, but lack of images delayed this layout

Layout was distorted between design and upload, hence why it was an eyesore and received a lot of complaints. Each page had a different theme

Layout fixed, and brightened for overall improvement. Each page had a different color scheme

Failed attempt to give the current layout a "simplistic, yet professional" look

As well as a shot at our temporary, commemorative 5th anniversary layout..
KGZ v4.0
March 2010 only
5th anniversary layout
Now then, as I have said earlier this week, KGZ has NOT been a priority of mine for at least of couple of years or so now, but I have noticed that traffic, and fan input has slightly increased in the past several months; as a result, I will try to update/maintain the site more regularly again, so if you have anything you would like to contribute to this site, I will make sure to check my KGZWebmaster e-mail account on a weekly basis. And yes, registration to the Klub Kathy forum IS still open, but to prevent the unstoppable spambots from registering every five minutes (the server never did write a patch to keep them out), I have to set up your accounts for you, so you will have to e-mail me your desired username and e-mail address, then the server will e-mail you an automated password.
Lastly, I would like to recognize some contributors who have helped shaped KGZ into what it is today, for the past five years, including...
Zombill - First major contributor; instrumental in helping spruce up the site's layout with countless images he submitted.
That Announcer - Klub Kathy's (then The Kathy Greenwood Board) first forum moderator; really kept the game threads hopping.
Pepper, redfurrymonster, Crazyfrognf505, and DriftyAlison0 - Retired Klub Kathy staff members.
Medbe8 - Forum assistant for four of the past five years.
Sue McBride-Pierce - For sharing biographical details of Kathy's youth.
And of course Kathy herself, because without her, this site wouldn't even be here in the first place. As well as other contributors and supporters of years past.
So, here's to KGZ's fifth anniversary, and let's see if we can last another five.
March 21, 2010 - HELP WANTED: THE SCOOP
This isn't an update, so much as it is a call for help, from ANYBODY who can offer it.
NOW Toronto Magazine's website no longer has an internet archive for back issues of the magazine that had been printed, and as such, Kathy's interview from the past has been lost forever... that is unless you can help us recover it. I had printed the article interview a long time ago, but it appears that I must have trashed it, as I have gone through my desk, my closet, and various boxes where I store paper items, only to turn up with bupkus.
Obviously, if the article still existed in some form, it could be reprinted, and posted on this site, as it's a rather important part of the Greenwood history, and deserves to be recognized here at KGZ.
So here's what I'm asking - if you have a copy of the May 19-25, 1998 issue of NOW Toronto Magazine, and/or have some sort of copy of the interview, entitled "gReeNWOOD", by Daryl Jung, I would greatly appreciate it , if you could type up this article for me, and e-mail it to me, so it may be preserved on this site for other Kathy G. fans to enjoy. Please remember, my address is KGZWebmaster at yahoo dot com.
Thank you.
It's my fault. When I had read that Women Fully Clothed's commitment was said to expire in April of 2008, I didn't see any reports or releases of them continuing their show; because of that, and because KGZ has NOT been a prioirty of mine in a long time, I actually was not aware that the Women were still providing laughs for audiences in a new show called "Women Fully Clothed: Older and Hotter".
"Older and Hotter" stars the cast (minus Debra McGrath, for unknown reasons) in old and new sketches that still pertain to the everyday things that plague middle-aged/bordering geriatric womanhood; from what I have read though, it STILL doesn't appear that they will be touring in the U.S. anytime soon, the show appears to still be performed exclusively in Canada. At any rate, be sure to check out the Women's new website for tour and ticket info!
Also, an entry for "Older and Hotter" has been added to Kathy's Filmography.
March 21, 2010 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!
Wow... has it really been over a year since the last REAL update this site has seen? I wouldn't want KGZ to meet the same fate as that of its predacesor (the UNofficial kathryn greenwood), but there just hasn't been any news-worthy updates to post here as of late.
On top of that, THIS still isn't an actual update either, but rather, a reminder that today is Kathy's birthday. So happy birthday Kathy!

March 21, 2009 - KATHY'S BIRTHDAY
This isn't really an update, just a note letting everyone know today is Kathy's birthday.

Kathy's guest appearance on Colin Mochrie's short-lived comedy series Getting Along Famously has been recently uploaded to YouTube... so you better see it now before it's removed for whatever reason ranging from copyright infringement to TOS violation(s).
Screenshots from the episode are now a part of the photo galleries which are located under the "Related Media" header, in case you weren't aware.
gaf_001.jpg picture by KGZWebmaster

November 24, 2008 - NEW PICS AGAIN

Eight new pics added to the Publicity Shots album in the photo gallery, and a new entry added to Kathy's Filmography, regarding her appearances on History Bites.

October 19, 2008 - NEW PICS

Four new pics added to the Publicity Shots album in the photo gallery.

September 5, 2008 - TIME WARP TRIO

A new entry added to the Filmography for Kathy's voice work on Time Warp Trio.

Finally, the long wait is over, as Canadian stores across the country will soon be stocking the final three seasons (Seasons Three, Four, and Five) of the popular drama series, Wind at My Back, come this September, after nearly three years since the last DVD releases.
As original reported by TVShowsOnDVD.Com...
Toronto, ON (August 12, 2008 ) - Journey back to the Great Depression Era this September and share in the trials and tribulations of the Bailey family as they struggle with the hardships of everyday life and the harsh economic times in the town of New Bedford. From the producers of Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea comes this sumptuous and heartwarming classic that Star Week calls, "Warm, funny and downright addictive. Gather the whole family to watch, guaranteed to compel repeat viewing."

For the first time ever, Sullivan Home Entertainment is releasing the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons all on September 16th. Join the cast of May & Grace Bailey, Max & Honey Sutton and the two kids Fat & Hub in the three most requested Sullivan DVD's yet.

Each season contains 13 episodes, rounding out the remaining 39 episodes yet to be seen on DVD. In addition to episodes, each set contains numerous bonus features created specifically for these sets.

Season 3
The Depression held an icy grip on New Bedford through the winter of 1933. Grace tries to find love with Del but that proves to be difficult. Hub gets his first dose of "The Fever" and Fat finds out about the "birds and the bees" in the process. Honey and Max build their new life together while Bob and Toppy's marriage is crumbling.

Many other townsfolk have fallen on "Hard Times" in the wake of the Silver Dome Mine closure but matriarch May Bailey refuses to go down without a fight. In spite of much resentment and blame directed at the Bailey's, May manages to restructure her finances and re-open her beloved mine. Now that the citizens of New Bedford are back to work, spirits are lifted and although times are difficult, life carries on.

The Bailey's face these situations and many more with love, laughter and perseverance, making Wind at My Back: Volume Three an emotional roller coaster that simply can't be missed.

DVD Special Features:

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette - "Studio Tour With Dylan and Tyrone"

Game Promo - A look at the online Wind at My Back mystery game that explores the town of New Bedford.

Season 4
Toppy is coping with an empty nest and must rely on her wits to forge a productive lif e for herself. The boys, Hub and Fat, are entering a competitive stage and their relationship is threatening to become strained. It doesn't help that their mother, Honey, has been away at a sanatorium. When she returns, she still needs the support of her loving husband Max and family. Grace has all but given up on love until one Jim Flett makes an impression. And, presiding over everything is May Bailey who might actually be trying to be empathetic.

Despite the light-hearted nature of this season's stories, the effects of The Depression are still being felt in New Bedford. As they rally together to face adversity, the Baileys find out, once again, that; "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger."

DVD Special Features:

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette - "An Interview with Dylan and Tyrone"
  • Cast Bios

Game Promo - A look at the online Wind at My Back mystery game that explores the town of New Bedford.

Season 5
As the toughest of times continues, the Bailey family of New Bedford must come to terms with the "growing pains" that are affecting its members. Grace Bailey, though still living at home, has become a self-sufficient, alluring woman who is more than capable of juggling romance and career while blindfolded! She's also more than capable of standing up to her overbearing mother: May Bailey. But, there will soon come a time when the older woman is forced to expose her vulnerable side.

The two boys, Hub and Fat, are growing up quickly and life in New Bedford provides them with challenging, new responsibilities and relationships. Meanwhile their parents: Honey and Max are finding satisfaction in devoting themselves to pursuits outside the home; Honey resumes her business and Max is thrust into public service.

The Dirty Thirties are winding down; the town is on its way back to prosperity, but it is the pre-eminent Baileys who must bridge familial gaps or be forever torn apart.

DVD Special Features:

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette - Never before seen behind the scenes footage of the cast and crew on set.
  • Bloopers
  • Cast Bios

Game Promo - A look at the online Wind at My Back mystery game that explores the town of New Bedford.

These three DVD sets will be available across the country on September 16th as well as on the Sullivan Boutique website at Also, be sure to catch the series airing this fall on the "W Network" and on "Bravo" in spring 2009.

     August 17, 2008 - RICK MERCER REPORT
    Kathy Greenwood has recently made a guest-appearance on the Canadian sketch comedy series Rick Mercer Report; still shots from her appearance have been added to the photo galleries, and a new entry to Kathy's Filmography has been added.
    rmreport_003.jpg picture by KGZWebmaster

     March 21, 2008 - KATHY'S BIRTHDAY

    Happy birthday, Kathy!

     March 3, 2008 - KATHY'S BIRTHDAY - MARCH 21!

    That's right, Kathy's birthday is coming up, but you can already join in on the festivities by posting your birthday wishes in our new, special, temporary The Birthday Party Room Board at the Klub Kathy forums<! The special board will be open all month long, so feel free to spread the love any time, before or even after, the special day!
    NOTE: Due to lack of participation, we will no longer be accepting birthday cards, banners, icons, avatars, graphics, etc; any and all participation in expressing Kathy a happy birthday must now be done solely in our Klub Kathy message forums.
    ~ KGZ Webmaster


    Earlier last year, Colin Mochrie's production company, Canadian Accents, produced a documentary on the widely popular all-female sketch troupe, Women Fully Clothed, including clips of the show, a glimpse of the show behind-the-scenes, interviews with the ladies, and even some candid shots of the ladies with loved ones.

    Well, that documentary is now online, and can be viewed by anyone at anytime! Click here to see for yourself, it's a must-see for any fan of the show, or if you're a fan of any of these fine women who make this show possible.

    I express my deep thanks and appreciation to Lisa for sharing this with me!

     January 10, 2008 - FIRST UPDATES FOR 2008!
    The first update of 2008 brings you not one, not two, but three new articles added to the Press page; so make sure to check them out, they're well worth reading.

     December 8, 2007 - CHANGE OF ADDRESS

    So you logged onto expecting to find THE KATHY GREENWOOD ZONE, but was taken by surprise to see that there was a disclaimer saying we've moved?

    Well, it's true, KGZ has changed it's address, and is now live at; the reasoning behind this, as mentioned in the disclaimer, the whole "newgreenwoodsite" didn't really make much sense, as the site is over two years old, and that's hardly "new" at all!

    Now I know, I could've saved myself some trouble and just simply have FreeWebs change the account name, and unchecked the option and clicked the option instead of a URL... but as mentioned, there's a five dollar processing fee for changing account names, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to just simply re-register a new account and name it "kathy-greenwood", choose the "" URL option, go back to the "newgreenwoodsite" account, save all the documents, go back to the "kathy-greenwood" account, re-upload everything, and go through and change any link that had the old URL in it. It wasn't as big a deal as it sounds, believe me.

    So, that's the story, to make it a shorter story: we just simply decided to change the URL, that's all. As mentioned, if a domain was actually registered for this site, the hyphen between Kathy and Greenwood would be essential, as is already registered for a real estate agent with the same name (that, and IMDb registered so no one else would take it).

    So, just simply update your links as necessary.

    November 23, 2007 - WOMEN HIT THE ROAD

    2008 is slowly creeping upon us, and with that also comes, unfortunately, the end of Women Fully Clothed, who plan to call it quits come April; even sadder is that it doesn't look like they'll be starting a tour in the U.S. like they were planning... BUT, they ARE starting a cross-Canada tour after their Winter Garden show in Toronto.

    You can read more about it here, and don't forget to check the Official Women Fully Clothed Site.

     November 15, 2007 - NEW PICS

    A handful of publicity photos has been added to the gallery; these include photos from Wind at My Back, Not to Be Repeated, X.P.M., and Women Fully Clothed.

    September 21, 2007 - VIEWING KGZ

    Actually, this isn't technically an update, this is just to let you know that if you've had problems viewing the site with a screen setting larger than 1024x768, then those problems have been resolved, so hopefully, this have better results for people visiting, who aren't viewing in the original screen setting that this site is intended for. As a matter of fact, if I do say so myself, this site seems to actually look better in 1280x1024.



    "Inside the Improviser's Studio riffs on the popular TV show of similar name, featuring intimate interviews with North America's top improvisers. Hosted by Second City alumna, Naomi Snieckus, Inside the Improvisers Studio will reveal the fascinating stories and secrets behind these improv giants.

    Inside the Improviser's Studio continues with an amazing guest for its 6th episode: Sunday September 9th will feature Second City alumna, star of Wind at My Back, featured performer on Who's Line is It Anyway, and Woman Fully Clothed: Kathryn Greenwood! Greenwood starred in six Second City Toronto revues.

    Inside the Improviser's Studio features a new guest every second Sunday of the month. Past guests have included Mick Napier, Debra McGrath, Robin Duke, Colin Mochrie and Bob Martin.


     July 5, 2007 - THE JON-A-THON

    Last November, Kathy helped put on "Hart Beats", a dinner-and-show for the benefit of Esther Hart, the Ontario mother battling colon cancer; well Kathy's helping charity again, but this time, the rest of the women of Women Fully Clothed will be helping out, along with other familiar Canadian celebrities such as John Alcorn, Maggie Cassella, Man Murray, Jane Ford, Richard Greenblatt, Linda Kash, Michele Landsberg, Colin Mochrie, Dawn Whitwell, and a host of others for the benefit of young Jonathan Purdy-Flacks, son of Canadian actress/comedienne Diane Flacks at the Jon-a-Thon being held at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 16.

    For more information on the show, the auction, or young Jonathan himself, be sure to visit the website at

    Older Updates

    August 5, 2007: Well, it finally happened! Pics from Switching Goals are now in the gallery!

    .  August 2, 2007: More pics added to the photo gallery, from Kathy's episode of Goosebumps. Thanks to PotatoeHater for sending the clip to me.

    .  July 3, 2007: Another new batch of images have been added from Kathy's appearance on Wonderfalls.

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