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Kathryn Greenwood (or Kathy, as she prefers to be called) was born on March 21, 1962 in the suburb of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. It was clear that at an early age, Kathy, who grew up watching a lot of Dick Van Dyke, and Carol Burnett, wanted to be in show-business. She got her first taste of the spotlight as a teenager when she attended the Agincourt Collegiate Institute, where during her high school years, she would show off her talent as star of the school's plays and concerts. When it came time to graduate in 1980, the aspiring entertainer broke down at the thought of having to attend University in Queens to study Anthropology - that is until a friend gave her a brochure for the American Acadamy of Dramatic Arts; with that, she immediately fled to Los Angeles, California to study acting for the next two years. When she returned to her Canadian roots in 1987, she managed to find her first professional acting job when she joined A Wedge of Night: a comedic night club act. It was there that began to draw attention from higher ups of Canadian comedy, and that next year, she found herself performing alongside other Canadian comedy icons as Mike Myers, Catherine O'Hara, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, John Candy, and others, when she was "promoted" to the Toronto branch of Second City, where she spent the next five years doing what she called the best job of her life. Her talent in performing and writing for Second City garnered her two Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding New Musical or Revue for shows she had both written and performed in in 1988, and later in 1992.

After her five-year stint with "the first family of comedy," Kathy had slowly become a star in her own right, in Canada, as she began to branch out into more theater work. After she left Second City, she and friends/colleagues, Jonathon Wilson and Ed Sahely, developed a "Second City spin-off" they called Not to Be Repeated - in which the three would improvise an entire situation comedy in front of a live audience based on lines and suggestions that are given to them by the audience. The live sitcom became successful enough that later in 2001, CBC adapted it for television, and was renamed This Sitcom is... Not to Be Repeated; due to poor network funding, the televised version was canceled after fifteen episodes.

Kathy's film work includes This is My Life, John Candy's Hostage for a Day, Brain Candy, Lucky Peach, The Pooch and the Pauper, and The Man. Most of her performances in movies are bit-parts, but she had a starring role in Warner Brother's 1999 made-for-TV movie Switching Goals , in which she plays the role of Denise Stanton, to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Sam and Emma. Sam and Emma are assigned to different school soccer teams, but feel things would be better for them and their competitive father, Jerry (Eric Lutes), if they secretly switched places; it isn't long before Denise finds out... and soon gets in on the action as she becomes an assistant soccer coach on one of the teams.

Kathy also has made numerous guest-appearances in various television programs across Canada, including: This Hour has 22 Minutes, Royal Canadian Air Farce, Made in Canada, The Broad Side, Robocop, Squawk Box, and Maniac Mansion. She landed her first regular role on Canadian television in 1996 when she played Grace Bailey on the popular family drama series Wind at My Back. The series revolved around two families - the Baileys, and the Suttons - in 1930s New Bedford, Ontario, during the Great Depression. Grace - free-spirited, still single, in her mid-30s, and child-at-heart - is daughter of the wealthiest family of New Bedford, and is the town's Junior Journalist and general manager of the local radio station. It was this role that garnered Kathy a Gemini nomination for Best Actress in a Continuing Leading Role in 1999. The series aired on CBC from 1996 to 2001, for five seasons. In 1999, Kathy crossed the border into the United States to guest star on such television shows as Hollywood Squares and The Drew Carey Show, though that same year is when she became the new female regular on the American version of the improvisational game-show, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, where she really gained notice from American audiences. She replaced previous female regular, Denny Siegel; as such, many fans were initially dismissive of Kathy, and was often regarded as "the weakest link," since the producers didn't allow her to participate in as many games and sketches as the other performers. She remained part of the Whose Crew until the 2001-2002 season, when the series ceased production due to low ratings. During the first annual Canadian Comedy Awards in 2000, she became the first, ever, to win the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Female Improviser.

When Kathy started working regularly in Canada again during the Turn of the Millennium, she returned to more theater work; in 2003, Debra McGrath formed the popular all-female sketch troupe, Women Fully Clothed, featuring "the five funniest women in Canada," as they give hilarious insights into the everyday things that go on in the lives of women, ranging from such topics as relationships to sexuality, from being single to being an exhausted wife and mother. Women Fully Clothed's popularity garnered them a nomination for Best Live Sketch Troupe in 2005; an appearance at the 2006 Just For Laughs Comedy Festival; an overseas performance in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2007; and later spawned a follow-up called Women Fully Clothed: Older and Hotter. Presently, she continues to perform in theater productions as well as guest appearances on TV shows and bit parts in movies in both Canada and the U.S.

Outside of her professional life, Kathy is married to television writer John Dolan, and is the proud mother of daughters Josephine and Phoebe; she certainly is one devoted gal!


"She was the star of our high school plays, wonderful singing voice, and I swear, parents came to see their own kids, but also because Kathy was in the lead." ~ Sue McBride-Pierce (schoolmate)

"Her timing is precise. Her physical work, wild and risky. Greenwood has the confidence of a dancer and flings her Mary Tyler Moore body (circa Dick Van Dyke Show) effortlessly around the stage." ~ Andrew Clark (Eye Weekly - 1993)

"... a sexy amalgam of eloquence and absurdity, fearless about the prospect of looking physically silly, and always energized by the immediacy of live-action, on-the-spot-improv." ~ Daryl Jung (NOW Magazine - 1998)

"There was a moment in my life when I really had to sit down and ask myself what I was in this business for, was it writing? Was it comedy? Or was it going to L.A. to try to get on a sit-com? And I realized it was just acting." ~ Kathy (NOW Magazine Interview - 1998)


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TITLE: Remedy

GENRE: Medical Drama

TELECASTS: February 24, 2014 – May 19, 2015


SUMMARY: This short-lived series centers on medical school drop-out, Griffin Conner, works as an orderly at the same hospital where his father, Allen, is chief surgeon.

KATHY'S BIT: Marg Hendrickson in the episode "Life in Technicolor."


TITLE: The Stanley Dynamic


TELECASTS: 2014 - Present(?)



KATHY'S BIT: Officer Vickie in the episode "The Stanley Crime."


TITLE: Saving Hope

GENRE: Medical Drama

TELECASTS: June 7, 2012 - Present


SUMMARY: The staff of Hope Zion Hospital deals with the supernatural situations that are beyond our own.

KATHY'S BIT: Rita Brown in the episode "Stand By Me."


TITLE: Working the Engels

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: March 12, 2014 – August 7, 2014


SUMMARY: A short-lived sitcom about a family’s struggle with settling their mountain of debt after the patriarch passes away.

KATHY'S BIT: Grace van der Hooven in the episode "The Crazy Family."


TITLE: George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (Originally The Hour)

GENRE: Talk Show

TELECASTS: January 17, 2005 – August 29, 2014


SUMMARY: A talk show hosted by Canadian TV personality George Stroumboulopoulos, featuring a variety of different comedic segments, as well as interviews and panel discussions with guests.

KATHY’S BIT: Appearing as part of a panel with Patrick Bristow and Ali Hassan for the show’s 2013 Halloween episode; the panelists discuss their inner fears, including Kathy discussing the biological fears that come with being a wife and mother.



TITLE: Satisfaction

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: June 24, 2013 – September 16, 2013


SUMMARY: A short-lived sitcom about the interlocking lives of a young couple sharing an apartment with a single roommate.

KATHY'S BIT: Bonnie in the episode "Mo Money, Mo Problems."


TITLE: Justin Time

GENRE: Animation/Educational/Family

TELECASTS: September 22, 2011 - Present

NETWORK: Sprout (U.S.), Disney Junior (Canada), Tiny Pop (U.K.)

SUMMARY: A young boy named Justin, and his sidekick Squidgy, travel through time to learn how to solve the problems they face of everyday childhood.

KATHY'S BIT: Voice of Cleopatra in the episode "Brave Sir Justin & Cleopatra's Cat."


TITLE: The Dating Guy

GENRE: Animation/Comedy

TELECASTS: September 17, 2009 – December 29, 2010


SUMMARY: Adult Canadian cartoon series centered on a group of Toronto friends who look for love in all the wrong places.

KATHY'S BIT: Supplying the voice of Valerie in the episode entitled "Really Bad Lieutenant".


TITLE: The Ron James Show

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: September 25, 2009 – April 14, 2014


SUMMARY: Canadian comedian Ron James hosts this showcase of skits, stand-up routines, and other comedy performances.

KATHY'S BIT: Guest star on a 2011 episode.


TITLE: CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: 2002 - Present


SUMMARY: Canadian Comedy showcase.

KATHY'S BIT: Featured performer in a couple of 2010 episodes.


TITLE: History Bites

GENRE: Comedy/History

TELECASTS: October 27, 1998 - 2003

NETWORK: History Television

SUMMARY: Historical events are retold in satires and farces, "making the historical hysterical.”

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy was featured in at least two specials for this series, playing various history icons, including Princess Diana.



TITLE: Rick Mercer Report (Originally Monday Report)

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: January 12, 2004 - Present


SUMMARY: Canadian entertainer Rick Mercer (This Hour Has 22 Minutes / Made in Canada) travels across Canada to give his own satirical commentary on current events, and other politics that are currently plaguing the country on a weekly basis.

KATHY'S BIT: A recurring performer on the show since 2008, and as 2013, also appears frequently in skit playing Rick Mercer’s wife.



TITLE: The Jane Show

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: December 15, 2004 – May 2, 2007


SUMMARY: The Office meets Sex and the City centering on an average Canadian business woman Jane Black (Teresa Pavlinek) with not-so average adventures. Based on Teresa’s sketch show character with the same name.

KATHY'S BIT: Guest starring in the episode, "The House of Jane," as Whitney Johnson.


TITLE: Opening Night

GENRE: Music

TELECASTS: September 28, 2001 – Present?


SUMMARY: CBC's award-winning prime time series giving viewers a look behind the world of the performing arts.

KATHY'S BIT: The Women Fully Clothed documentary, All Dressed Up With Places to Go, served as the March 8, 2007 episode. The documentary included clips from past performances, interviews with the ladies, and other fun behind-the-scenes footage.


TITLE: Time Warp Trio

GENRE: Animation

TELECASTS: February 11, 2006 - July 2006

NETWORK: Discovery Kids

SUMMARY: The animated adventures of a group of six kids who travel through time to be able to experience historical events.

KATHY'S BIT: In episode 24, "The High and The Flighty,” Kathy provides the voice of Lady Lindy, Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.



TITLE: Captain Flamingo

GENRE: Animation

TELECASTS: February 17, 2006 – October 21, 2010


SUMMARY: Little Milo Powell becomes "Captain Flamingo" to help his fellow neighborhood "little kids.”

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy provides the voice of Milo's mother, Mrs. Powell. Fair, but firm, very overprotective, and enjoys spending her free time studying birds.


TITLE: Getting Along Famously

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: January 6, 2006 - February 10, 2006


SUMMARY: It's 1964, and the popular variety show It's Ruby and Kip is at its peak, though the stars (Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath) have enough trouble as it is with meddling network executives and their own audience.

KATHY'S BIT: In the second episode, "Sister Song,” Kathy belts out her voice as a phony singing nun known as Sister Song (whose real name is Sister Gregory Pechinno), who must perform on It's Ruby and Kip, in order for a rival network to keep quiet about Kip's major smoking problem. Sister Song later experiences a high when she secretly nibbles on some hash brownies.



TITLE: Queer as Folk

GENRE: Drama

TELECASTS: December 3, 2000 - August 7, 2005

NETWORK: Showtime

SUMMARY: A look at the life, love, friendships, and adventures of five gay men living in New York City.

KATHY'S BIT: In episode 72, "Back in Business,” Kathy portrays Lila, a nervous bride-to-be, who constantly worries that everything at the "perfect wedding" will go wrong, which happens when she spills wine all over her blouse. Luckily, wedding planner Emmett (Peter Paige) dyes the entire blouse in a vat of the same wine so Lila can have a wonderfully beautiful new blouse to wear at her wedding.



TITLE: Maple Shorts!

GENRE: Animation

TELECASTS: April 6, 2005 - ?


SUMMARY: Each episode of Maple Shorts! is a mini film festival, featuring some of the best Flash animated shorts in all of Canada.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy lends her vocal talent to co-hostess of the show, Sela, a talking salmon.



TITLE: Wonderfalls

GENRE: Comedy/Drama

TELECASTS: March 12, 2004 – December 15, 2004


SUMMARY: College graduate Jane Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas) finds herself living a care-free and apparently careless life in a trailer park in the Niagara Falls area.

KATHY'S BIT: In the pilot episode, Kathy portrays Ronnie, an irritable tourist from Texas whose purse ends up being stolen. Later that evening, Jane finds the purse and goes from door to door looking for Ronnie to return the purse. Once Jane finally finds the hotel Ronnie and her daughter are staying at to return the purse, she is accused of the theft as Ronnie’s wallet, tampons, and expensive make-up are missing. The two end up in a cat fight until the police take them into custody, and Jane is bailed out by her mother.



TITLE: JoJo's Circus

GENRE: Animation/Family/Educational

TELECASTS: September 28, 2003 – February 14, 2007

NETWORK: Disney Channel

SUMMARY: This delightful children series teaches kids on many different levels with the help of a spunky little clown girl named JoJo, and her clown friends and family in Circus Town.

KATHY'S BIT: A recurring role in which Kathy voices Dr. Seltzer, Circus Town’s doctor of medicine, who is also the mother of JoJo’s best friend, Skeebo, and wife of Fire Chief Seltzer.



TITLE: Behind-The-Scenes

GENRE: Comedy



SUMMARY: Established Canadian actress and comedienne, Diana Flacks, is the key to this outrageous comedy show about looking back stage of various fictitious movies and TV shows.

KATHY'S BIT: Part of the regular ensemble cast; one character includes the classy, yet sultry video dating consultant, Eve.






SUMMARY: A Canadian-based news magazine show focused on Canadian entertainment.

KATHY'S BIT: The subject of an episode, and also included discussions on her work as Grace Bailey on Wind at my Back, This Sitcom Is... Not to Be Repeated, and pregnancy with her second child.


TITLE: Open Mike with Mike Bullard

GENRE: Comedy/Talk-Show

TELECASTS: November 24, 1997 – August 2003


SUMMARY: Mike Bullard broadcasts Toronto's only live comedy talk show.

KATHY'S BIT: Guest performer and interviewee in one episode, as discussing appearing on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, her recently-born child, and promotion of The Broad Side.


TITLE: A Repair to Remember

GENRE: Home and Garden



SUMMARY: Canadian actress Mag Ruffman hosts a fix-it-show, to help take the fear out of doing various repairs around the house.

KATHY'S BIT: In episodes 49 "Learning to Love Your P-Trap" and 54 "What a Set of Pipes,” Kathy assists Mag in repairing various plumbing problems.



TITLE: George and Martha

GENRE: Animation/Family/Educational

TELECASTS: April 1999 – May 2000


SUMMARY: Based on the children's book with the same name, the series follows the adventures of two hippo best friends, George and Martha, as they continue to learn what friendship is all about.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy lends her vocal talent to Happy Palm's mail lady Frieda, a pig who loves to sing while she works.



TITLE: Stories from My Childhood

GENRE: Animation/Family/Fantasy



SUMMARY: Russian animated series in which classic storybooks and fairy tales are brought to life.

KATHY'S BIT: Occasional narrator/storyteller?


TITLE: Comics!

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: September 9, 1993 - 1999


SUMMARY: Showcase of some of Canada's best known, and up-and-coming comedians.

KATHY'S BIT: Featured performer and writer?


TITLE: This Hour Has 22 Minutes

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: October 11, 1993 - Present


SUMMARY: A comedic and editorial look in the everyday lives of Canadian citizens.

KATHY'S BIT: In three episodes, Kathy guest stars, and performs (and even wrote some) various sketches, one of which, she portrays Maureen Crowe, Science Reporter.



TITLE: Listen Missy

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: 2004 - 2005

NETWORK: W Network

SUMMARY: Canadian comedy divas Diane Flacks and Lisa Merchant bring you this sketch comedy show about women's perspective in life.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy plays part in the show's ensemble cast of Canadian comedy divas.




GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: February 27, 2004 – March 2004


SUMMARY: Ex-Canadian Prime Minister Dan Macdonald (Don Ferguson) finds himself having to adjust to life as a typical everyday businessman, who receives little respect.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy portrays the Macdonald family long-suffering wife and mother, Laura.



TITLE: Royal Canadian Air Farce (a.k.a. Air Farce)


TELECASTS: October 8, 1993 – December 31, 2008


SUMMARY: Canada's most popular sketch show about comedic look on newsworthy Canadian people and events.

KATHY'S BIT: Guest performer in two episodes, portraying such characters as a politically incorrect senior citizen to an Egyptian expert in one episode, to a sportscaster, pregnant Midge doll, donut dunker, and BBC World correspondent in another.




TITLE: Made in Canada (a.k.a. The Industry)

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: October 5, 1998 - June 20, 2003


SUMMARY: Satire about script reader Richard Strong (Rick Mercer) who is always scheming to outwit rival entertainment companies, along with his buddies of power-hungry corporates.

KATHY'S BIT: In episode 60, "Dock Cops," Kathy plays Sydney, the new female cop cast member for one of the company's most popular shows, Dock Cops. Sadly due to other major changes to not only the show itself, but the rest of the cast and writers, the show was cancelled.



TITLE: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

GENRE: Comedy/Game-Show

TELECASTS: August 5, 1998 – December 15, 2007; July 16, 2013 - Present

NETWORK: ABC (1998 - 2003); ABC Family (2004 - 2007); CW (2013 – present)

SUMMARY: Drew Carey hosts an improvisational game show where four performers (Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and a fourth performer) act out and participate in various hilarious games and sketches. Original run was from 1998 to 2007, but its cult status garnered it a reboot in 2013, with Aisha Tyler as new host.

KATHY'S BIT: Possibly Kathy's biggest break in the U.S., as she participates as one of the "fourth seat performers”: a performer who is on rotation with others who participate in various games and sketches alongside regular performers. During the original run, Kathy performed in a total of 32 episodes, and one best-of special.



TITLE: The Drew Carey Show

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: September 13, 1995 - September 8, 2004


SUMMARY: Comedian Drew Carey stars in his own sitcom as an assistant director of personnel for one of Cleveland's most successful department stores, who enjoys such activities as fighting with co-worker Mimi (Kathy Kinney), drinking beer, ruining dates, and making homemade booze in his garage with his buddies Lewis (Ryan Stiles) and Oswald (Dietrich Bader).

KATHY'S BIT: In episode 132, "Drew Live II,” the cast of Whose Line? guest star in one of three completely improvised episodes. Kathy appears as a paramedic at the beginning of the episode, along with Chip Esten, who works to save Brad Sherwood’s life. Later, she, Lewis, Oswald, and Greg Proops are in Drew's living room – now converted into his new unemployment office - where they are to dub the dialogue of an episode of Felicity, to prove themselves worthy of improv work.



TITLE: Hollywood Squares

GENRE: Game-Show

TELECASTS: September 14, 1998 - May 31, 2004

NETWORK: Syndicated

SUMMARY: Tom Bergeron hosts an updated version of the classic game-show where celebrities, each sitting in a square of a giant tic-tac-toe board, are asked to answer questions. Contestants must then guess whether the celebrity's answer is correct or incorrect in order to gain control of the square and hopefully get three squares in a row.

KATHY'S BIT: One episode featured the cast of Whose Line?, including Kathy.


TITLE: Wind at My Back

GENRE: Drama

TELECASTS: December 1996 - April 2001


SUMMARY: It's New Bedford, Ontario during the Great Depression, as we see the life the struggling Bailey and Sutton families.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy brings Aunt Grace Bailey to life for five seasons (in 61 episodes). Grace is known throughout New Bedford as the daughter of the town's wealthiest family, and for her job as the town's junior journalist at the local radio station, of which she is now general manager. The delightful and free-spirited Grace is in her thirties, still single, has fallen in and out of love many times, but still remains a child at heart. This performance garnered Kathy a nomination for a Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Role in 1999.



TITLE: This Sitcom Is... Not to Be Repeated

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: June 6, 2001 - September 12, 2001


SUMMARY: The very first improvised sitcom, based on the popular live theater show Not to Be Repeated in which the three stars (Kathy, Ed Sahely, and Jonathan Wilson) take audience suggestions and use those to improvise the entire episode live and on the spot.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy branches out as not only a performer but co-creator for this series. She, Ed, and Jonathan were all part of the original theater version, when they later decided to turn into a sitcom for television.



TITLE: John Woo's Once a Thief

GENRE: Action/Crime/Thriller

TELECASTS: September 15, 1997 - May 2, 1998


SUMMARY: A former Chinese thief Li Ann (Sandrine Holt) moves to Canada to work as a secret agent. Her life is turned upside down when her former partner and boyfriend Mac (Ivan Sergei) is recovered after it had been rumored he was dead. Mac suddenly finds himself as part of the agency where everyone is under the pressure of "The Director" (Jennifer Dale)

KATHY'S BIT: In episode 3, "Trial Marriage," Kathy plays Margo, who is part of a husband/wife terrorist group, being secretly followed and investigated by Mac.


TITLE: The High Life

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: November 10, 1996 - December 18, 1996


SUMMARY: A look at problems during the 1950's.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy guest starred in episode 4, "Bowling," as a character named Judy.


TITLE: Goosebumps

GENRE: Family/Horror

TELECASTS: October 27, 1995 - November 16, 1998


SUMMARY: Based on R.L. Stein’s popular book series, Goosebumps brings the collection of children’s ghost stories to television.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy played Ms. Walker, in episode 7, "The Phantom of the Auditorium," the school's flamboyant and dedicated drama teacher putting on the next school play "The Phantom of the Auditorium."

 goosebumps_002.jpg picture by Courage-Bagge


TITLE: RoboCop

GENRE: Adventure/Sci-Fi

TELECASTS: March 18, 1994 - November 26, 1994


SUMMARY: The series adaptation of the hit movie franchise follows the adventures of a cybernetic policeman fighting crime in Old Detroit.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy guest starred in episode 22, "Midnight Minus One."


TITLE: Squawk Box

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: September 1994 - ?


SUMMARY: A Canadian comedy series, not to be confused with the American newsmagazine series with the same name.

KATHY'S BIT: Part of the ensemble cast?


TITLE: The Kids in the Hall

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: October 16, 1988 - April 1, 1994


SUMMARY: A variety/sketch show performed by Canadian comedians: Scott Thompson, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Bruce McCulloch.

KATHY'S BIT: Featured guest/ensemble player.


TITLE: Maniac Mansion

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: September 17, 1990 - March 28, 1993


SUMMARY: Scientist Dr. Fred Edison (Joe Flaherty) lives in a mansion where his children are mutated due to an active meteor in the basement. Dr. Edison tries for years to return his children back to their normal selves, but to no avail. Based loosely on the video game with the same name.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy guest stars in episode "Love Letters" as Allanah, Dr. Edison's high school crush in a flash back about how, in a science lab, Dr. Edison's then wife-to-be, Casey (Deborah Theaker), and her then boyfriend protest Allanah's father's company.


TITLE: Street Legal

GENRE: Drama

TELECASTS: January 6, 1987 - November 6, 1994


SUMMARY: A look at the professional and personal lives of a group of attorneys working together in Toronto.

KATHY'S BIT: In episode 98, "Believe the Children," Kathy plays Jacky Kepler, a mother who, along with her husband, is accused of sexually abusing their child. The Kepler’s are aided by the law firm's Laura (Maria del Mar), who tries to help them keep their child.


TITLE: The Second City Live

GENRE: Comedy



SUMMARY: The Second City comedy troupe performs various sketches before a live audience for television.

KATHY'S BIT: Performer and Writer from 1988 to 1994.



TITLE: Born Talking










TITLE: The Wrong Coast

GENRE: Animation

TELECASTS: April 7, 2004 - 2005


SUMMARY: Stop-motion mockery of celebrity news and gossip programming.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy lends her vocal talents to Debbie Sue Ashanti-Melendez, the bubbly and charismatic, if somewhat ditzy and airheaded, co-host of the show, and often described as the Kathy Griffin (yes, the other Kathy G.) of the news industry.



TITLE: I Was a Rat

GENRE: Family/Drama

TELECASTS: December 17, 2001 - December 20, 2001


SUMMARY: The story of a pageboy who is turned into his former life as a rat after the clock strikes midnight at Cinderella's ball.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy plays Lucasta Utensil. 


TITLE: The Broad Side

GENRE: Comedy

TELECASTS: March 5, 2001 - April 9, 2001


SUMMARY: Based on a popular radio program, four of Canada's top comedy divas star in this mini-series, where they offer comedic outlook of history through a woman's point of view.

KATHY'S BIT: One of the four performers.






TITLE: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

TYPE: Theatrical

RELEASE DATE: March 26, 2016

SUMMARY: Unnecessary 13-year-later sequel to the 2002 comedy hit, Toula and Ian Portokalos discover they were never officially married, and have to go through another, bigger and Greeker wedding; all the while their teenaged daughter, Paris, is about to graduate high school.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy and Women Fully Clothed co-star, Teresa Pavlinek, play the supporting roles of Marge and Dominique, respectively.


TITLE: Poltergeist

GENRE: Horror/Thriller

TYPE: Theatrical

RELEASE DATE: May 22, 2015

SUMMARY: Modern-day remake of the 1982 cult movie, in which a suburban family move into a new house that turns out to be haunted by poltergeist that attempt to abduct the family's youngest daughter.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy makes an appearance towards the beginning of the movie as the realtor who sells the house to the Bowen family.


TITLE: Frenemies

GENRE: Family/Drama

TYPE: TV Movie

RELEASE DATE: January 13, 2012

SUMMARY: Tween movie about pitting different cliques against each other.

KATHY'S BIT: Lisa Logan, mother of Jake Logan.


TITLE: The Man

GENRE: Action/Comedy/Crime

TYPE: Theatrical

RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2005

SUMMARY: On his way to a convention in Detroit, a neurotic dental supply salesman, Andy Fiddler (Eugene Levy), arrives at the wrong place at the wrong time, and ends up in the middle of sting operation set up by a tough-as-nails undercover federal agent Derrick Vann (Samuel L. Jackson).

KATHY'S BIT: Bit part as a flight attendant who must pass along one of Andy's tongue scrapers to a fellow stewardess.



TITLE: Anne: Journey to Green Gables

GENRE: Comedy/Animation

TYPE: Direct-to-Video


SUMMARY: Movie following the animated series, created by the Sullivan Entertainment team (also behind Wind at My Back) about the young Anne Shirley, a free-spirited orphan who finds a new home with Marilla and Matthew Curthbert, a farm couple living and working in Green Gables.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy provides the voice for Mavis, a worker at the orphanage who one night sneaks Anne Shirley out of the orphanage with train tickets on her way to Green Gables.



TITLE: Heidi

GENRE: Animation

TYPE: Direct-to-video?


SUMMARY: Canadian animated adaptation of the successful German novel of a little girl living with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps.

KATHY'S BIT: Voice of Aunt Dete.


TITLE: Flip Phone

GENRE: Comedy/Short

TYPE: Short Film

RELEASE DATE: August 18, 2003

SUMMARY: Running late on their way to their friend's wedding, three women leave her a message on their cell-phone. After six minutes of talking about what a loser she's marrying, a computerized voice beeps and says, "Thank you, your message is complete," thus teaching us the important lesson of why people should have flip phones.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy shines as Katie. Katie has two big scenes: having to stop for a bathroom break in the tall grass, and revealing that she slept with their friend's new husband.



TITLE: Kids in the Hall: Tour of Duty

GENRE: Comedy

TYPE: Direct to Video


SUMMARY: Highlights of previous sketches performed by the Kids in the Hall comedy troupe, including some never-before-seen sketches.

KATHY'S BIT: Various characters.


TITLE: Lucky Peach





KATHY'S BIT: Presumably the titular character


TITLE: Switching Goals

GENRE: Comedy/Family/Sport

TYPE: Made-for-TV

RELEASE DATE: December 12, 1999

SUMMARY: Samantha and Emma Stanton (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) find themselves put on different soccer teams. Samantha, a tom-boyish master at soccer is put on the "loser" team, while the less experienced Emma is put on her competitive father's (Eric Lutes) team. To help their father win a championship, the girls switch places, and try to keep anybody from figuring out the switch.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy works her butt off as Samantha and Emma's workaholic mother, Denise. Denise makes her living as a psychologist, who is concerned that husband, Jerry, pays more attention to Sam than Emma, as they both share a love for sports and competition. Eventually, Denise discovers the switch Sam and Emma have made, and after forcing the girls to switch back to their respective teams, and well as having Jerry come clean to his fellow coaches about the switch, she also ends up becoming assistant coach for Willard’s (Keith Knight) team (which Sam was assigned to).



TITLE: The Pooch and the Pauper

GENRE: Comedy

TYPE: Made-for-TV


SUMMARY: The story of The Prince and the Pauper as told with dogs.

KATHY'S BIT: Bit-part as Kim Corbett


TITLE: Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy

GENRE: Comedy

TYPE: Theatrical

RELEASE DATE: April 12, 1996

SUMMARY: The Canadian comedy troupe, Kids in the Hall, star in the movie following their sketch show, as a new miracle drug for curing depression is distributed. Sadly, those taking the drug start slipping into comas and the race is on to pull the drug off the market, and bail a researcher out of jail.

KATHY'S BIT: Ginny Hurdicure, daughter-in-law of Mrs. Hurdicure (Scott Thompson). During the movie’s stinger, she is unable to find her song, Miguel, after Mrs. Hurdicure gives him an entire bunch of balloons that carries him away.



TITLE: House

GENRE: Drama

TYPE: Theatrical

RELEASE DATE: September 18, 1998

SUMMARY: Victor (Daniel MacIvor), an eccentric man, performs short-take sketches in front of an audience consisting of a few obscure Canadian celebrities about walking dead, and other macabre things. Some of the audience members also take part in some sketches in this play-within-a-play film.

KATHY'S BIT: One of the audience members who ended up participating in some of the sketches.


TITLE: Hostage for a Day

GENRE: Comedy/Fantasy

TYPE: Made-for-TV

RELEASE DATE: April 25, 1994

SUMMARY: John Candy produced this story of Warren Kooey (George Wendt), a man who heads for Alaska to get away from his pain-in-the-neck wife and equally unpleasant boss.

KATHY'S BIT: SWAT Team member.


TITLE: Woman on the Run: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story

GENRE: Drama

TYPE: Made-for-TV

RELEASE DATE: May 16, 1993

SUMMARY: The true story of Lawrencia Bembenek (Tatum O'Neal), who is given a life sentence after she murders her husband's ex-wife. However, she runs away with Fred Schulz (Bruce Greenwood – no relation) to get married, but when Fred's ex-wife is murdered, Lawrencia receives the blame for it as well.

KATHY'S BIT: Sylvia Bonner; she testifies in court after previously working with Lawrencia as security guards.


TITLE: This is My Life

GENRE: Drama

TYPE: Theatrical

RELEASE DATE: February 21, 1992

SUMMARY: Dottie Ingles (Julie Kavner) is a single mother who tries her hand at a career as a stand-up comedienne. Her newfound success leads to a life of fame and recognition, however, as her career continues to flourish, she slowly starts to neglect her daughters Erica and Opal (Samantha Mathis and Gaby Hoffmann).

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy's first movie appearance is a very small bit-part, in which Dottie comes to Opal's school play; Kathy is another mother in the audience, who comments on Dottie's recent TV appearance.





TITLE: Technicolor Dreams

GENRE: Experimental

TELECAST: February 22, 2015


SUMMARY: An insomniac is troubled by his nightmares and receives help from a pair of dream sprites.

KATHY'S BIT: A Women Fully Clothed clip with Kathy singing "What's For Dinner Tonight?" is featured.


TITLE: The 12th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards

GENRE: Comedy

TELECAST: November 28, 2012


SUMMARY: The 12th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, held in Toronto, Ontario, to award Canada's top comedy writers and performers for their achievements.

KATHY'S BIT: Presenter.


TITLE: I, Martin Short, Goes Home

GENRE: Musical Comedy

TYPE: TV Movie

RELEASE DATE: April 3, 2012

SUMMARY: This mockumentary special follows Martin Short as he returns to his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, to perform in a benefit show; along the way, the special features semi-autobiographical sketches, sending up his own life.

KATHY'S BIT: Presumably Martin’s fictional mother.


TITLE: The 11th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards

GENRE: Comedy

TELECAST: December 24, 2010


SUMMARY: The 11th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, held in Toronto, Ontario, to award Canada's top comedy writers and performers for their achievements.

KATHY'S BIT: Women Fully Clothed (Kathy, Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke, and Teresa Pavlinek) were the presenters for the Best Live Sketch Troupe.


TITLE: The 6th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards

GENRE: Comedy

TELECAST: October 24, 2005


SUMMARY: The 6th Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, held in London, Ontario, to award Canada's top comedy writers and performers for their achievements.

KATHY'S BIT: Women Fully Clothed (Kathy, Debra McGrath, Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke, and Teresa Pavlinek) were nominated for the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Live Sketch Troupe. Though they did not win, they were also presenters at the event.


TITLE: The 2000 Canadian Comedy Awards

GENRE: Comedy



SUMMARY: The 1st Annual Canadian Comedy Awards, held in Toronto, Ontario, to award Canada's top comedy writers and performers for their achievements.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy was the first to win the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Female Improviser, under the category Pretty Funny Female Improv. Kathy was also pregnant with her first child when the ceremony took place; friend and Whose Line? colleague, Colin Mochrie, also commented on her tremendous baby bump.





TITLE: The Brain That Wouldn't Die

VENUE: Dimensions Gallery for Company Theatre

SUMMARY: Rob Salem's staged musical, featuring some of Canada's greatest comedians, including Kathy, Colin Mochrie, and Debra McGrath.

KATHY'S BIT: Castmember


TITLE: Mixed Company

VENUE: Comedy Bar

SUMMARY: Eight Canadian actors and eight Canadian improv comics are paired together, and act out a scene in which half is scripted, and the other half is improvised.

KATHY'S BIT: One of the eight improv comics who are paired off with scripted actors.


TITLE: The Foursome

VENUE: Sterling Studio Theater

SUMMARY: A foursome of middle-aged women of varying degrees of success in their professional lives (Kathy, Jane Ford, Caitlin Driscoll, and Kirsten Johnson) are members of the Toronto Tennis Club; although they all share a passion of the game, they also share some rather strong opinions about each other.

KATHY'S BIT: CBC Newsanchor Jasmine Braun; she loves tennis, as well as the women she plays with . . . except for Cris's jams from her jam store, Dylan Vanstone's snack cake business making money off of fat girls with pimples, and Tandanini's non-stop caretaking of her seemingly helpless family.


TITLE: Women Fully Clothed: Older and Hotter

VENUE: Various

SUMMARY: The four funniest women in Canada (Kathy, Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke and Teresa Pavlinek) continue to satire the trials and tribulations of the average, everyday middle-aged woman, in this sequel to their original popular show.

KATHY'S BIT: Continuing to delight audiences with her charm and hilarity, in old and new sketches.



TITLE: Women Fully Clothed

VENUE: Winter Garden

SUMMARY: "The Five Funniest Women in Canada" (Kathy, Debra McGrath, Jayne Eastwood, Robin Duke, and Teresa Pavlinek) "unbutton" laughs in this wonderful live sketch show that features comedic outlooks on the everyday topics women face including: friends, family, careers, and sex.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy's unmistakable stage presence makes her a favorite during the shows, as she performs various comedic characters in sketches.



TITLE: Canadian Comedy Relief

VENUE: Winter Garden

SUMMARY: On February 4, 2005, Canada's most recognizable faces in comedy got together for a benefit performance in Toronto help the Canadian Red Cross support the Tsunami Relief Fund. The highlights include such Canadian comedians as: Sean Cullen, Shaun Majumder, Craig Lauzon, Neil Crone, Kevin Frank, The Doo Wops, Simon Cotter, Erin Keaney, Jennifer Robertson, Kathy Greenwood, Robin Duke, Jayne Eastwood, Teresa Pavlinek and Deb McGrath.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy was one of the many familiar faces of Canadian comedy performing in this benefit performance.


TITLE: The Glass Menagerie

VENUE: Royal Alexandria

SUMMARY: A local theater production version of the play by Tennessee Williams in which Tom (Kiefer Sutherland), the son of the Wangfield family wants to escape his home life, because his mother's (Wind at My Back co-star Shirley Douglas) constantly worrying about the future of his slow and shy sister, Laura.

KATHY'S BIT: In this production, Kathy plays the part of Laura Wingfield, Tom’s slow and shy sister, who is dominated by their smothering mother.


TITLE: Not to Be Repeated

VENUE: The Tarragon

SUMMARY: The original theater show that inspired the first improvised sitcom, as Kathy, Ed Sahely, and Jonathan Wilson perform a new improvised play each night based on audience suggestions.

KATHY'S BIT: Co-creator and performer.



TITLE: The Second City

VENUE: Winter Garden

SUMMARY: One of the world’s most recognizable comedy troupes (original known as the Compass Players). Since the 1950s, a lot of up and coming comedic personalities (particularly Canadians) got their start here. Also known as SCTV (for TV broadcasts), the Second City has been known as the Saturday Night Live of Canada.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy Greenwood has had the privilege of becoming one of Second City's alumni. She has been performing and writing for the Second City from 1988 till 1994, and her work has garnered her for two Dora Mavor Moore Awards for Outstanding New Revue or Musical in 1988 and 1992. She considers her time with The Second City to be, "the best job in the world."


TITLE: Our Favourite Thing

VENUE: Edmonton Fringe Theatre Centre

SUMMARY: Kathy created, wrote, and performed in this play that became a huge success across all of Canada.

KATHY'S BIT: Creator, writer, and star.


TITLE: Chamber Music

VENUE: The Tarragon




TITLE: Ontario: The March of Dames

VENUE: Theatre Passe Muraille

SUMMARY: Lisa Merchant presents an all-female comedy festival, showcasing professional and amateur Canadian comediennes performing various different types of comedy such as: improv, sketch, singing and dancing, monologues, and stand-up.

KATHY'S BIT: One of the top performers of the 1994-1998 and 2003 seasons.


TITLE: A Wedge of Night

VENUE: The Ritz Cafe

SUMMARY: A wacky live night-club act done in a soap-opera/film noir style.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy joined up with the cast in 1987 when she returned to Canada after studying in L.A. This performance later promoted her to her five years of being part of The Second City.





TITLE: Steve the Second


SUMMARY: Replacing O'Reilly on Advertising on CBC Radio 1, Matt Watts brings a four-episode radio show Steve the Second, a radio show about assorted nonsense (and mostly post-apocalyptic nonsense).

KATHY'S BIT: Portraying Jenny of the Piccolo's in the second episode.


TITLE: Irving Mainway's Cruisin' To Win

STATION: Various

SUMMARY: Local Canadian convenient store, Irving Mainway, had contests where ordinary people would win mediocre prizes such as a candy bar or a bottle of juice. Kathy was hired to call them and ask them to share their thoughts on their prizes, much to their dismay and disinterest.

KATHY'S BIT: Kathy would actually make calls to the winners and ask them what they won, and how they feel about winning. Of course, winning prizes like candy bars or juice, the winners weren't exactly excited or eager about it. She would then make advertisements about Irving Mainway. She later won the Judges' Choice Craft Award for her performance.


TITLE: Barney's Version


SUMMARY: Barney's Version features a cantankerous television producer, who tries to set the record of his life straight, when he discovers he in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease.

KATHY'S BIT: The sympathetic, yet "victimized" Second Mrs. Panofsky.


TITLE: Mr. Interesting's Guide to the Continental United States






Other Work


·         1998: Headed a special Encouragement Fund awards show at the Tim Sims Playhouse in Toronto.

·         1998: Took part in a special night of improv with Toronto's Improv All-Stars (with future Women Fully Clothed co-star Teresa Pavlinek).

·         2002: Second City alumni helped celebrate CBC'S 50th anniversary.

·         October 2005: Made a special benefit performance in Oshawa, Ontario for A Gala of Hope, a special dinner-and-show held to support the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

·         2005: Took part in a special improv festival in Toronto along with former March of Dames co-star Lisa Merchants.

·         July 2006: Women Fully Clothed were one of the many highlights for the 2006 Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal.

·         November 2006: Appeared with other Friends of Esther Hart for Hart Beats: A Night Honouring Esther Hart, a special dinner-and-show in honor of 38-year-old colon cancer sufferer Esther Hart.

·         July 2007: Women Fully Clothed gathered with other Canadian comedic icons for the benefit of Jonathon Purdy-Flack at the Jon-A-Thon.

·         August 2007: Women Fully Clothed appeared at the Guilded Balloon Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

·         November 2013: Colin Mochrie and Kathy headline the annual Ontario Produce Marketing Association Gala.





·         1988: The Dora Mavor Moore Award (Winner) - Outstanding New Revue or Musical (The Second City)

·         1992: The Dora Mavor Moore Award (Winner) - Outstanding New Revue or Musical (The Second City)

·         1999: The Gemini Award (Nominee) - Best Performance By an Actress in a Continuing Leading Role (Wind at My Back)

·         2000: Canadian Comedy Award (Winner) - Best Female Improviser

·         2004: Judge's Choice Craft Award (Winner) - Irvin Mainway

·         2005: Canadian Comedy Award (Nominee) - Best Live Sketch Troupe (Women Fully Clothed)