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Here you can browse through various different pictures we've collected of Kathy over the years, ranging from her work on stage and screen, to even some rare and wonderful behind-the-scenes and publicity photos you may not be able to find anywhere else. Feel free the click on any of the thumbnails below to browse through out galleries.
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Rick Mercer Report (2008-2015)
George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (2013)
*NEW* Second City (1991)
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Getting Along Famously (2005)
face=VerdanaGoosebumps (1995)
Kids in the Hall (1996)
Queer as Folk (2005)
This Hour Has 22 Minutes  (2004)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (2000-2005)
Wonderfalls (2004)
*NEW* Poltergeist (2015)
*NEW* Flip Phone (2003)
Kids in the Hall (1996)
Switching Goals (1999)
The Man (2005)
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Women Fully Clothed have their own official YouTube channel; presently, it has very little content, however, it offers those outside of Canada a glimpse of what you can expect to see at one of their shows, so it's definitely worth checking out!
Women Fully Clothed YouTube Channel

And, of course, there are other videos out there that are related to Kathy that are definitely worth a looksee, and we will try and collect all of those videos into one convenient location; take a look and see what we've found.

Please note: due to copyright issues, there is no guarantee that any of the following videos will still be available whenever you click any of the following links. Videos that are uploaded to official/partner channels on YouTube will be tagged as such, and will most likely remain available. If you come across any video that is no longer available, please let us know and we will remove the link from this page.

[OFFICIAL] Visit Prison with Ryan Stiles - Popular Second City skit featuring Ryan and Kathy
[OFFICIAL] Flip Phone - The full 2003 short film co-starring Kathy
[OFFICIAL] Kathryn Greenwood...on inheritance - Rare Kathy stand-up bit on inheritance
[OFFICIAL] THE FOURSOME - Video promo for THE FOURSOME stage show
[OFFICIAL] THE FOURSOME - Extended promo - Video promo for THE FOURSOME stage show
[OFFICIAL] The Panel: Patrick Bristow, Kathryn Greenwood and Ali Hassan on GST (10/31/13) - Clip from GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS TONIGHT's 2013 Halloween show
[OFFICIAL] Mixed Company Preview - Video preview from the Mixed Company stage show
[OFFICIAL] The Brain That Wouldn't Die: The Reading - Video clip of the script reading for the first act of THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE
[OFFICIAL] RMR: Blackberry Etch a Sketch - Blackberry Etch a Sketch skit from RICK MERCER REPORT
[OFFICIAL] RMR: New Cough Medication - Flaherty's Mixture skit from RICK MERCER REPORT
[OFFICIAL] RMR: Seven Day Forecast - Canadian weather forecast skit from RICK MERCER REPORT
[OFFICIAL] RMR: Distraction - Canadian elections skit from RICK MERCER REPORT
Kathy Greenwood At the Therapist - Audio from the Therapist sketch from Women Fully Clothed
Women Fully Clothed - Interview with the cast of Women Fully Clothed
Second City: The First Family of Comedy - Excerpt from documentary on Second City (also includes Colin Mochrie, Debra McGrath, Ryan Stiles, and others)


Below you can read the various different off-site articles and interviews that are available through various different publications and sites:

"Cheese, eh?"
By Bill Brioux
Canoe JAM - February 27, 2005
Pre-review article on the series X.P.M.

"Women Fully Clothed: undressed"
by Catherine Lawson
Ottawa Citizen - February 17, 2007
Article/interview about the formation of Women Fully Clothed

"Female comics hit the road"
by Bruce Damara
Toronto Star - November 15, 2007
Article on Women Fully Clothed's expanded tour across Canada

"Unbarenaked Ladies"
by Allison Broverman
National Post - November 17, 2007
Article/interview about how the Women Fully Clothed show is put together

"Exclusive: Interview with Kathryn Greenwood"
by Meghan Francis
windatmy-back.com - November 1, 2011
Interview with Kathy, mostly about Wind At My Back, but her other work as well

Kathryn Greenwood fully clothed
by Rick Wharton
Pembroke Daily Observer - June 7, 2013
Interview with Kathy, discussing her expansive career.

Kathryn Greenwood: Actress and comic improvisor
by Neil Crone
durhamregion.com - January 5, 2015
Interview with Kathy, discussing her life, career, and other personal details